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Doctor Epoxy Florida-The Leading Epoxy

Turn your Worcester County, MA garage or commercial property into a well-functioning space with GNU Garage polyaspartic floor coatings. Easy to maintain, tough and long-lasting.


We’ve completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects throughout all of Worcester County, Our team of trained professionals is steeped with concrete 


Our goal is to make sure you are 110% happy with the job we do. Our concise communication via text and email means you can book your job online in a matter of minutes.


We are locally owned and operated and we’ve been happily servicing residential and commercial clients throughout all of Worcester, Milford, Medway, Norfolk, Franklin

Get Your Dream Garage In Just One day With Us

In most cases, we are able to PREPARE your floor, TRANSFORM your floor and complete your dream garage in just ONE DAY.

Don’t wait – if you want to take advantage of all the benefits a polyaspartic garage floor can provide, please feel free to request a free project quote today! We’re proud to help homeowners throughout all of Worcester, Milford, Medway, Norfolk, Franklin, Wrentham, Foxborough, Mansfield, Attleboro, and Norton, MA.


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How We Work For You?

How long does it take to install epoxy flooring?

Installation time varies on the type of epoxy you choose and how large an area we must coat. With a solid color basic coating your floor will cure and dry the same day—but this does not include prep time. Prep time can vary greatly depending on the condition of your existing concrete. Most of our projects take 1 to 2 days to prep, clean, coat, and cure before you can move items back in. 

How to prepare my floors before installing epoxy?

Professional preparation is the first step in ensuring a long-lasting strong bond, as well as a smooth and beautiful finish. We will repair cracks, pits, gouges, and spalling. If needed, we will shot blast or grind your concrete to level the flooring and ensure previous coatings are fully removed. The final step in the preparation process is to clean and vacuum your concrete.


Epoxy floors from a big box store, home improvement store or, painter don’t last too long. If you have a 100% industrial epoxy floor, many times it can last a lifetime with the right maintenance program. Epoxy floors are durable if applied correctly to a well ground concrete floor and then maintained properly. The average life expectancy of an epoxy floor is 15 years.

We Offer Exclusive Services

Our professional floor washing services are here to save you time and effort while delivering impeccable cleanliness to your home or business.

01. Garage Epoxy Floors

Turn your Worcester County, MA, garage into a finished room with amazing GNU Garage floor coatings. Easy to maintain, tough and long-lasting.

02. Residential Epoxy Floors

Discover how polyaspartic flooring can elevate the look and durability of the inside and outside of your home. Easy to maintain, tough and long-lasting.

03. Commercial Epoxy Floors

Transform your Worcester County, MA commercial space with the Smart Choice for Industrial Flooring

Attract Customers With Stunning Environment

Your customers should be magnetized by your commercial property. Once guests enter your premises, it should be inviting and there’s no better way to achieve that than having a decorative polyaspartic floor coating. Epoxy floor coating will be the perfect touch to your commercial property because of its durability, affordability, and versatility in terms of design. If you are looking for a certain team, we can match the theme of your building and increase your curb appeal tenfold with our versatile epoxy floor coatings.

Give Your Outdoor Surfaces An Attractive Look

If you have been looking at alternative ways to make your outdoor concrete floors more attractive, then avoiding the pricier alternatives is best. The advanced technology in floor coatings allows homeowners to choose from hundreds of colors and designs.

Enhancing your property’s space is a good investment and a great way to entertain family and guests year-round. Now is the time to install a beautiful patio, driveway or pool deck that requires little maintenance. Plus, the installation process can be done in a matter of hours! Leave the outdoor floor coatings installation to the experts

We Help You Get Your Dream Garage

Get a brand new, high-performance garage floor in just ONE DAY with Doctor Epoxy Florida Garage Experts. Our polyaspartic garage floors are designed to last a LIFETIME without losing their appearance or performance!

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